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Find Reliable Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers in China. Get your products made quickly at the best supplier in China. We manage the factory and quality inspection for companies

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Jeff Crawshaw
February 7, 2023
“What kind of design file do I need to make aluminium extrusions in China?”



What is the aluminum extrusion process?

This process is used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile by squeezing hot (but not molten) metal through a fixed die under pressure.


What materials can be used?

Besides aluminium, plastics, alloys, ferrous materials, ceramics and even concrete can all be extruded under the appropriate conditions.


What will I need in terms of design input?

Typically, if your product isn't complicated, you will need to give us at least 2D files showing its basic dimensions, tolerances and weight so that we can calculate the cost of the material. We will require 3D files for more complex parts. Design files are available in several formats and it is not really important which format we receive. Step files are generally fine.


Where in China can you find manufacturers of aluminium extrusions?

Depending on the factory size and speciality these suppliers can be found all across the country.


How much does tooling for aluminium extrusions cost?

Tooling is the process of designing and engineering the tools you will need to manufacture your product. These include cutting tools, jigs and fixtures and dies. The cost for tools to make aluminium extrusions can range between USD 2,000 to USD 10,000 for a tool.


How long does tooling last?

Tooling life is not a major concern for extrusions since they generally last a very long time unless the structure is super complex in which case you could encounter some tool breakages.


What is the average lead time for tooling?

30-50 days depending on complexity.


What does tooling involve?

Dies for extrusions are usually machined out of high quality steel. After this, extrusion tools are usually given heat treatment to prolong their life as the pressures and stresses involved during their use is very high.

Find reliable aluminum extrusion manufacturers in China - Extruded and anodized parts
Extruded aluminum parts have tons of applications, such as enclosures for electronics.


What are the pros and cons of making aluminium extrusions?


Consistent measurements.

Quick production rate.

Low cost per unit.

Great surface finish.



High cost of tooling.

Warpage and shrinkage.

Minimum order quantity requirements.


What are the known challenges of the process?

Warpage and deviation from dimensions along length are common problems. If the part is physically very long, keeping it within a given straightness tolerance could be a challenge.

Getting the right quality can also be challenging as different factories have different quality levels and expertise depending on the industry they cater to (automotive or construction etc).


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