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Our key focus is to ensure that the sourcing process, manufacturing, and delivery of the goods is as efficient as possible. All this with the right price, quality and lead time.

1. Understanding your requirements

The first step is to get an overview of your requirements and expectations. What do you want to produce and what quantity? How will the product be used? What is the expected standard and quality? What previous issues have you faced?  

2. Drawings

The drawings will be analyzed in detail by our production experts to find potential problem areas and suggestions for improvements and modifications. The primary objective is to decrease costs, improve quality and production efficiency.

3. Collect bids from suppliers

We create a detailed specification of your requirements and send this out to multiple suppliers. We then review bids and responses to ensure reasonable pricing for raw material and expected processes. We then select the best option based on a mix of price, performance, quality and our experience of the suppliers.

4. You get a quote

You receive a quote where we will also discuss potential issues and risks. We will explain dimension deviations, finish limitations/implications, domestic material equivalent alternatives, etc

5. Factory Audit

When you have accepted the quote we do a detailed factory audit to ensure safety and quality. We review; Attitude, Size (number of staff, revenue), Specific machines (upkeep and quantity), Current product market, Environment, Safety of workers, Social responsibility, Proper lighting/working conditions, Safety signs, Documentation, Process control and Management Structure.

6. Sample / Tool

Once the factory is approved we do a sample production. We review key points with supplier such as appearance, critical dimensions, critical areas and performance. We inspect the sample, confirm process/material is the same as expected on mass production and we will then send you the sample and a detailed report.

7. Production

Before production starts we repeat review process with the supplier and emphasize and ensure improvements made during sampling are implemented. Production begins, and we do in-process inspections such as; Process flow lead-times, Raw Material acquisition, and Process stages/steps. Once production is finished, we do additional inspections such as; Packaging/Secure transit, Critical dimensions/specifications and Shipping Marks.

8. Shipping

We will communicate with freight forwarder to arrange pickup and delivery. We will manage customs documentation including HS Codes/Tariffs and certificates. As soon as the pickup is done we monitor tracking information, customs clearance and schedule delivery to your desired location.

9. Goods arrive at your location

Just in time for when you need it, the goods arrive so you can deliver to your customers

Four easy steps for you

Your involvement in the sourcing process
1. Share requirements including drawings

Make sure to share as many details as possible. Drawings, material choices, previous issues and expectations. The more we know, the better we can help you.

2. Review quote

We will share a quote with you and explain all potential issues and risks.

3. Review sample and report

Once you accepted the quote we do a factory audit and sample production. We will send you a full report and a sample for you to review.

4. Receive goods

The goods arrive in time for you to process and deliver.

Our Values and Way to Be

Teamwork makes the dream work. At Sourcing Allies, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. Both inside and outside our organization.
We make others successful

We are an essential part of our customer's process. We love to create products that arrive in time so our customers can deliver amazing products to their customers.

Well oiled
It's in the details

Sourcing and manufacturing successfully are all about details. Get them right from the start and the process will be smooth and efficient.

Collaborate and help icon
We love to help

Sourcing and manufacturing is a complex process. Especially if you do it in China. We love to give service, support and solve problems, so our customers feel safe and relaxed.

I review your drawings together with the local team. I then speak to manufacturers and ensure they can manufacture to the right price and deliver in time. Many times I help customers improve their drawings to lower the cost and production time.

Jeff Crawshaw Sourcing Agent
Jeff Crawshaw
Director of Operations- Asia

My most important job is to get the products to your dock in time. I handle shipping, customs, paperwork, storage, tariffs and everything in between. When you have questions, send them to me, and I always do my best to answer them within 24 hours.

Chris Schell Sourcing Agent
Bruce Zheng
General Manager- China

Sourcing tips and insights

Our sourcing experts analyse and compile their China sourcing and manufacturing experiences into insights as easy to read articles for you every second week.

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