Metal stamping is our specialty

If metal stamping is what you require, we can help you work with specialist manufacturers in China, India and Eastern Europe who will not only offer you high-quality products but also attractive rates. We are experienced in helping our Western customers source stamped metal parts from these low-cost regions since 2006.

From door handles and latches to cups and cans, from housings and enclosures to lighting fixtures, we’ve got you covered on all your manufacturing requirements. We can help you source as many products as you want, in any size and any material you want.

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What we do

As your sourcing agent, we will guide you on your sourcing journey from start to finish. To begin with, we will help you identify and shortlist manufacturers who best suit your needs. Next, we will request and review quotes, negotiate the best price, and conduct a factory audit to pick the most suitable candidate. We will also help you improve your product design, and if needed we will communicate your requirements and expectations clearly to the manufacturer so that you get exactly what you want, keep an eagle eye on the manufacturing process to ensure it goes off smoothly, and even ship the products to your doorstep.

With us, you can trust that your goods will reach you on time and in immaculate condition.

As a China sourcing agent, we guide you through the process to get quotes & evaluate factories for your custom metal stamping manufacturing needs

Our USP:
Best price, quality and lead time

Picking the right factory from among hundreds of thousands in a country far away from your own can be a challenge. An experienced sourcing agent can be a great support system, helping you pick a manufacturer who can deliver exactly what you want in terms of price, quality, and lead time.

When you trust us with your sourcing needs, we make sure the manufacturing process goes off without a hitch and that your goods reach you when you need them to. Our primary objective is to help you get the goods in the quality that you expect, at the very best price, and delivered on time.

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On-going metal stamping projects

Metal stamping in China is one of our areas of expertise. We can help you manufacture and source all kinds of stamped metal parts. Our network of manufacturers work with all kinds of materials, from aluminum and brass to copper and steel.

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Custom metal stamping manufacturing

It can be a complex process, given the numerous techniques and processes and material considerations involved. A basic understanding is a must. We’re here to help on this matter. We can tell you what stamping technique – deep draw, progressive die, or four-slide stamping – works best for your product. Or what material is the most suitable. We will also oversee raw material selection, conduct quality inspections at regular intervals, and make sure your cargo meets all packaging, labeling and other shipping requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Metal stamping is a low-cost, high-speed manufacturing process where flat sheet metal is passed through a stamping press at high pressure and converted into specifically shaped objects (hinges, springs, brackets and so on). Our expert Jeff Crawshaw answers some of the most widely asked questions about the process:
How do I know if this manufacturing method is suitable for my requirements?

Don’t forget to ask yourself these questions each time you consider metal stamping as your manufacturing choice for a new product. Think about the structure of your product and gather expert opinions (we are here to help) on whether this manufacturing method is the most suitable for you. If it is, what kind of technique – deep draw stamping, progressive die stamping, four-slide stamping – should you use? What works better, a mechanical press or a hydraulic press? Metal stamping also involves a wide variety of additional techniques such as deburring, polishing, sandblasting, and realigning. Which of these will your product require? You need to consider all these aspects before making up your mind.

Is there a cheaper way to make the part I need?

It is a relatively low-cost metal fabrication process. Stamping dies are inexpensive to produce and easy to maintain if they are simple. Secondary costs, such as cleaning and plating, are also low. However, a cheaper alternative might be available, depending on certain factors such as your required quantity and desired finish. For example, if you need just a small batch of the goods, it might cost less to use the EDM (electrical discharge machining) wire cut method.

Do inspection methods impact the cost?

Yes. When choosing an inspection method, you need to carefully consider your requirements. For example, what degree of accuracy are you looking for? Will a simple check of your product’s geometry using a set of calipers do the job? Or do you need the precision of a coordinate measuring machine (CMM)? Opting for an excessively stringent measuring/inspection method (when you don’t really need one) might result in a higher scrap rate due to parts failing the check. Often, a test jig is a suitable and relatively cheap inspection method for stamped metal parts. It gives you a “real life” test of the part, is quick and easy to conduct, and requires minimal specialist training on the factory side. An example being that a jig is a good way to test the length, fit and plug orientation of a wiring harness.

In what other ways can I lower my manufacturing costs?

This manufacturing method works out cheapest when you place a bulk order with the manufacturer. If your product can be made using an existing die, it saves you the expense of tooling a new custom die. It is also important to use the right raw material for your product. For example, if the material is too hard, it will take longer and harder to stamp. Switching to a softer material without compromising on the quality of your product will reduce production time and save you money. Reviewing the design aspects of your product is another way to lower expenses. For example, avoiding sharp internal and external corners will do away with the need for secondary treatment to remove those edges. Reducing tolerances where permissible will also lead to considerable savings. Finally, try and work with manufacturers who offer secondary services such as coating, finishing, treating, packaging and transport. This is yet another way of keeping your expenses low.

Sourcing tips and insights

Our sourcing experts analyse and compile their China sourcing and manufacturing experiences into insights as easy to read articles for you every second week.

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