We specialise in custom metal stamping

If you are looking for metal stamping manufacturing in low-cost regions such as China, India and Eastern Europe, look no further. We have helped western customers with manufacturing in these regions since 2006.

Metal housing and enclosures, lighting and lamp parts, door handles, metal latches, metal cups, cans, and shells are just a few products we can help you source.

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What we do

We help you identify factories for your manufacturing requirements and guide you through the entire process.

This includes requesting manufacturers for quotes, reviewing quotes, evaluating shortlisted factories, speaking with factory workers to ensure they understand your expectations, improving product design, and managing the other complexities of manufacturing and shipping.

We ensure that your products are delivered when you want them – all for the best price, quality and lead time.

As a China sourcing agent, we guide you through the process to get quotes & evaluate factories for your custom metal stamping manufacturing needs

Our USP:
Best price, quality and lead time

Hundreds of factories in low-cost regions can produce your metal stamping products. But you need to pick a factory that can deliver exactly what you want in terms of price, quality standards and timely delivery.

Our key focus is to ensure that the sourcing, manufacturing and delivery process is efficient so that your products reach your shelves without any delay.

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On-going metal stamping projects

Metal stamping China manufacturing is one of our areas of expertise. Contact us to know more about how we work


Custom metal stamping manufacturing

During manufacturing, we conduct in-process inspections to check process flow lead times, raw material acquisition, and process stages. Once production ends, we conduct additional inspections to examine the quality of packaging and to ensure the supplier has labelled your consignment with the correct shipping marks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Metal stamping is a fairly common manufacturing technique that includes sheet metal fabrication. Our expert Jeff has answered some of the most popular queries on the process below.
How do I know if metal stamping is suitable for my requirements?

This is an important question to ask. While considering this technique, you must validate with us if your structure is suitable for metal stamping. You must also be aware that additional techniques such as deburring, polishing, sandblasting, realigning etc might be needed while considering metal stamping.

Is there a cheaper way to make the part I need?

Yes and no, it depends on a few factors, such as the required quantity and the desired finish. For example, a part could be EDM wire cut if the quantity is low.

Do inspection methods impact the cost of metal stamping?

When choosing an inspection method, you need to consider your requirements. What type of accuracy do you need to get a useful part, for instance? Would you need the accuracy of a CMM (coordinate-measuring machine), or would a simple check with a set of callipers do the job? The point is that choosing a measuring/inspection method that is over the top may result in a high scrap rate due to parts failing the (over the top) checks.

Often test jigs are more suitable and significantly cheaper than other inspection methods and they give you a more “real life” test of the part. A jig is a good way to test the length, fit and plug orientation of a wiring harness. It is quick and easy to carry out the test and requires very little specialist training on the factory side.

Sourcing tips and insights

Our sourcing experts analyse and compile their China sourcing and manufacturing experiences into insights as easy to read articles for you every second week.

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