Looking for sustainable sourcing?

If you are among the increasing number of businesses looking for sustainable sourcing from low-cost regions such as China, India and Eastern Europe, we've got you covered. We are sourcing experts who have helped western customers with custom die casting, metal stamping and plastic injection molding manufacturing in these regions since 2006.

Metal housing and enclosures; metal door handles and latches; metal cups, cans and shells; chrome-plated bathroom fittings; lighting and lamp parts; plastic lamp shades, toilet seats, handles and ABS boxes are just a few products that we can help you source sustainably from these regions.

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What we do

We help you identify factories for your sustainable sourcing requirements and guide you through the entire process.

This includes requesting reliable manufacturers for quotes, reviewing quotes, evaluating shortlisted factories, speaking with factory workers to ensure they understand your expectations, improving product design, and managing the other complexities of manufacturing and shipping. We ensure that your products are sustainably sourced and delivered when you want them – all for the best price, quality and lead time.

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On-going sustainable sourcing projects

We have helped several businesses source products sustainably from manufacturers in low-cost regions who have been vetted by us.


Our USP: Best price, quality and lead time

Hundreds of factories in low-cost regions can produce your products, but only a few can do it sustainably.

Get access to a number of sustainable sourcing suppliers for your requirements. We will help you pick a factory that can deliver exactly what you want in terms of sustainability, price, quality standards and timely delivery.
Our key focus is to ensure that the sourcing, manufacturing and delivery process is efficient so that your products reach your shelves without any delay.

As a China sourcing agent, we manage manufacturing & shipping complexities with the right price, quality & lead time

Sustainable Sourcing

Businesses globally are realizing that they must adopt sustainable practices if they want to remain relevant to consumers who are increasingly seeking companies that care about environmental issues.

Experts suggest one of the best ways for businesses to lessen their environmental and social impact is to start at the source – by ensuring their supply chains are sustainable. As expert sourcing agents with vast experience especially in sourcing from China, we can help your business go down this green path.

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1. What is sustainable sourcing?

Sustainable sourcing is the process of taking environmental and social costs and ethical factors into consideration along with traditional parameters like financial factors while procuring assets, supplies or services for your business needs. The objective is to reduce the negative impact of sourcing on the environment and society.

2. How does sustainable sourcing work?

Sustainable sourcing is complex. However, we will walk you through it. You need to provide us with inputs in terms of what your top priorities and goals are with regard to your supplier’s performance, say, on emissions, water and energy consumption and waste generation and disposal. We will also need product specifications and other technical information.

After that, we review the information and start looking for suppliers who can manufacture your products according to all your requirements. We do factory audits to ensure that your supplier’s environmental performance is acceptable to you. We also suggest alternative materials (such as recycled raw materials) and manufacturing methods to improve manufacturing efficiency and lessen the environmental impact of production.

We will also advise you on greener options for packaging as well as how to ship your goods so that your carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

3. What do I need to do?

You need to provide us with inputs, stay creative, and make the most of the collaboration with us. This is a joint effort. Beyond that, you can simply enjoy the ride. We will guide you through it.

4. What does it cost?

Sustainable sourcing can be quite cost-effective since a large part of it is about reducing waste and increasing production efficiencies, so you might end up with lowered costs because of that.

As China sourcing agents, we do not charge any extra fees for working with clients who want to source sustainably.

5. Can I trust that it really is sustainable?

Yes. Sustainable sourcing is in our best interests as is it in yours. We work transparently and will happily bring in third party services when needed to ensure that any solution and setup we put in place meets your sustainability ambitions.

6. Is it possible to achieve a carbon neutral or carbon positive footprint while sourcing?

Yes. Even though manufacturing and shipping itself cannot generate a carbon neutral or carbon positive footprint as of now, you can offset it by donating or investing in certified initiatives that remove an equal or greater amount of carbon from the atmosphere. For that, you need to first assess your carbon footprint and then work towards offsetting it to achieve a carbon neutral or carbon positive footprint.

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