Radiator cap custom design

Radiator cap custom design made in China. Have your factory, supplier, and manufacturing managed on site in China – Experienced China sourcing agent

Radiator cap custom design, aluminum, aluminium, steel, brass
Radiator cap custom design, aluminum, aluminium, steel, brass
Radiator cap custom design, aluminum, aluminium, steel, brass
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Use our end-to-end sourcing services to find a Chinese manufacturer specializing in making radiator caps. Get high-quality, reliable, and durable radiator caps at affordable prices. Customize your products according to your requirements. We work with the factory to ensure all your products are of the highest quality and meet all your specifications.

Typical materials: Aluminum, steel, and brass

Stainless steel and zinc-plated steel are most commonly used to manufacture radiator caps. Steel is a versatile metal and can be molded in any shape. Hence, it is extensively used to make radiator caps for all models of engines.

Metals that can withstand high pressure like steel, zinc, aluminum, and brass are chosen when making radiator caps. These metals can not just withstand high pressure but also endure fluctuating temperatures. Also, metals used to make these components must be rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Common MOQ: 500 to 10,000 pcs

The MOQ for common parts is generally higher. MOQs, however, may be negotiated, but importers are advised to be reasonable with their numbers.

Manufacturing methods: Stamping and machining

A custom design radiator cap is manufactured using stamping, casting, and forging methods. Manufacturers use CNC machining to shape the manufactured components to match your exact specifications. All products are accurate with intricate parts. Manufacturers ensure that products come with smooth surfaces. A 125 micro finish is available on all components, but a higher finish is achievable.

Manufacturing cluster area: Ningbo and Shanghai

Ningbo, on the eastern coast of China, has been an important industrial hub bolstering the Chinese economy. The city is well known for its traditional industries like auto parts, textiles, plastic, mold, and chemical engineering.

Ningbo is a world leader in manufacturing home electrical appliances. It has over 3,000 home electrical appliance manufacturers and 10,000 factories that produce electrical appliances parts.

Nearly half of all the plastic machines in the world are produced in this city. Hence, Ningbo has been aptly nicknamed the ‘Home of Plastic Machine.’

Shanghai is the commercial capital of mainland China. It is a major industrial hub and accounts for nearly 12.5% of the total revenue of China.

Agriculture and the service industry are major drivers of Shanghai’s economy. Manufacturing is another key industry in Shanghai. Other important industries are electronic information products, automobiles, petrochemicals, fine steel, equipment, and bio-medicine.

Source: China Daily and China Briefing

Application: Automobile industry

Radiator caps are a crucial part of the cooling system of your automobile. They prevent coolant overflow which ensures that your engine operates at the right temperature and pressure.

Radiator caps are used by automotive, heavy-duty, diesel, and agricultural manufacturers so your engine can run efficiently.

Common issues: Surface finish and dimension control

Our Chinese manufacturers ensure that all products meet your specifications and quality expectations. All manufactured components go through rigorous quality checks to ensure that they are functional, durable, and high-quality.

Quality Control

Finished products undergo CMM inspection to test the accuracy of the manufactured components. They are also visually inspected against a known good part to ensure they meet high quality standards.

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