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On the lookout for plastic injection molding manufacturers in China, India, and Eastern Europe? Your search ends here.
This is one of our main areas of expertise and we have been helping our customers source custom injection molded plastic products from these regions since 2006.

Plastic food containers, lamp shades, toilet seats and ABS boxes are just some of the injection molded products we can help you source at competitive rates and in the highest quality.

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What we do

With our boots-on-the-ground experience in sourcing plastic products from China and other low-cost regions, we do it all – from identifying, evaluating, and verifying manufacturers to requesting quotes, negotiating prices and contract terms, communicating your production requirements, and conducting quality checks.
If needed, we will even help you improve your product design, and ship your goods once they are complete.

Our promise is to get you your products at the best price, quality and lead time and make your sourcing experience a happy one.

Plastic Injection Moulding diagram. We help you find a manufacturer in China for plastic injection molding

On-going plastic injection molding projects

Our roster of verified experienced and trustworthy manufacturers are specialists in plastic injection molding. They can produce simple and small products as well as large and intricate objects, in both thermoplastics and thermoset plastics. If you’d like to know more about how we work and our ongoing plastic injection molding projects, contact us.

Our USP: Best price, quality and lead time.

The popularity of plastic as manufacturing material and the versatility of injection molding have led to a proliferation of plastic factories in China and other low-cost regions. Finding a manufacturer who will produce your goods to the desired standards and price can be quite a challenge. That’s why you need us.

As your sourcing partner, Sourcing Allies will not only help you find the right manufacturer for your needs but also make sure you have a smooth and error-free manufacturing, sourcing, and delivery experience. We take the responsibility of delivering your products at the best price, quality, and lead time very seriously.

Learn more about our process

Plastic injection molding manufacturing

Does a hot runner system work better for my plastic injection molded product than a cold runner system? What raw plastic material will give my product optimum functionality? What kind of mold do I need? Making correct and informed decisions early on will increase your chances of receiving a successful and error-free product. As sourcing specialists, we take the quality of your goods seriously and conduct regular quality inspections both during production and at the packaging, labeling, and shipping stages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know everything you need to know about plastic injection molding? Our expert Jeff Crawshaw answers some of the most commonly asked questions about the process:
What are the advantages of plastic injection molding?

It is a versatile, precise, fast and relatively inexpensive method of producing plastic products in bulk. You can choose from a wide variety of plastic raw materials in diverse colors and with vastly different physical, chemical and electrical properties. The process allows for a great deal of design flexibility, so you can get a lot of design-heavy products in intricate shapes. A fancy surface finish, such as a shiny look or engravings, is also possible. Many plastics can be recycled and reused. This also lowers scrap rate, making plastic injection molding a planet-friendly manufacturing choice.

What are the disadvantages?

Like with any manufacturing process, there are a few disadvantages that you must be aware of. I mentioned recycled plastic above, but must point out that the performance of recycled plastic is inferior compared to new plastic. Some defects, like warpage and shrinking, are also common in injection molded parts, though these can be avoided with some planning.

How long does it take to create a mold? What is its tool life?

Creating a custom mold can take 15 days to three months, depending on geometric complexity. Once created, a mold is usually good for producing up to 200,000 units.

Is plastic injection molding expensive?

As with other molding/casting processes, the initial tooling cost can be significant, depending on the size of the tool. For example, complex molds with multiple cavities can cost thousands of dollars to design and make. That said, this manufacturing method is still one of the most cost-effective ones out there.

How important is material selection?

It is very important. The strength, durability, flexibility, functionality, appearance and cost of your product depend on the plastic raw material used. For example, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is a rigid plastic and perfect for making pipes and toys. But it does not have very high heat resistance, making it unsuitable for products that are used in an environment of intense heat. Similarly, polycarbonates are naturally transparent, making them the perfect choice for safety glasses and baby bottles but inappropriate for products that require color aesthetics.

Why should I pick China for my manufacturing needs?

With 31% of global market share, China is the leader in plastics production. Plastic raw material is easily available in the country. It is also the leading producer of injection molding machines. As a result, you’ll find factories just about anywhere in China, but especially heavily concentrated in the East and Central South regions. It isn’t too hard to find a manufacturer in China with both expertise and experience in the process. Most factories have technologically advanced production systems, making them capable of fulfilling large orders at competitive prices. If that’s not enough, China’s world-class infrastructure system makes sure that the goods reach all the corners of the world.

Sourcing tips and insights

Our sourcing experts analyse and compile their China sourcing and manufacturing experiences into insights as easy to read articles for you every second week.

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