Flying discs

Flying discs made in China. Have your factory, supplier, and manufacturing managed on site in China – Experienced China sourcing agent

Flying discs, plastic Frisbee, frisbee golf, Ultimate frisbee
Plastic Frisbee, frisbee golf, Ultimate frisbee
Plastic Frisbee, frisbee golf, Ultimate frisbee
Plastic Frisbee, frisbee golf, Ultimate frisbee
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Find reliable Chinese manufacturers specializing in high-quality flying discs in beautiful colors and designs. You may order products that are tailored to your specifications at extremely affordable rates.

Flying discs are a great recreational item enjoyed by both children and adults. Partner with the right manufacturers in China to source the best quality flying discs.

Typical materials: Plastic

Polyethylene, also called PE, is the most commonly used plastic for manufacturing flying discs. PE is characterized by high impact strength and ductility. It has a strong creep, which means that it is not easily deformed under persistent force.

Polyethylene is resistant to water; hence flying discs made of PE does not damage easily. PE is also impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant. They can also be cleaned easily with simple soap and water without the need for harsh chemicals.

Polyethylene is made by distilling hydrocarbon fuels and combining them with other catalysts. Other ingredients like colorants, lubricants, and chemicals may also be added to improve dimensional stability and crack resistance when manufacturing flying discs.

Chemical formula: (C2H4)n

Density: 0.88–0.96 g/cm3

Melting point: 115–135 °C (239–275 °F)

Common MOQ: 50 to 10,000 pcs

Common or standardized products have higher MOQ. MOQs can be customized, but buyers are advised to be reasonable about the numbers.

Manufacturing method: Injection molding

Flying discs are manufactured using a process called injection molding, where fluid plastic is injected into a closed mold. After being poured into the mold, the plastic is cooled to give the desired size and shape of the flying disc. Once cooled, the disc is taken out of the mold and trimmed to give it the perfect finish.

The manufacturer then imprints or applies other decorations to the flying disc as per your specifications.

Manufacturing cluster area: Ningbo and Shanghai

The city of Ningbo is located in the Zhejiang province of China. It is a premier industrial hub of the country, with its manufacturing industry being a major driver of the Chinese economy.

Some of the major industries of Ningbo include textiles, garments, home electric appliances, stationery, plastic machines, auto parts, and mold.

Ningbo, with over 130 plastic machine manufacturers, produces nearly half of all the plastic machines in the world. The city has thus been aptly nicknamed the “Home of Plastic Machine.”

Shanghai is the commercial capital of China and an important center for research and development. Financial services, real estate, construction, transportation, and manufacturing are some of the important industries in the city. Six pillar-industries of Shanghai, namely automobiles, fine steel, electronic information products, petrochemicals, equipment, and bio-medicine, account for a large portion of the gross industrial output of the city.

Source: China Daily and Travel China Guide

Common issues: Dimensions,  surface finish, structural integrity, color

Chinese manufacturers deploy rigorous in-process quality checks to ensure that all products meet the quality standards as agreed on the manufacturing agreement. Products are manufactured as per your exact size, design, and specifications.

Quality control

Finished goods go through the visual inspection queue to ensure that they are made exactly as per specifications. Manufacturers visually inspect the products against a known good product to ensure that they meet the accepted standards of quality. Products also undergo CMM inspection to ensure that the dimensions are right and match the given specifications.

Injection Molding

Plastic injection molded custom flying discs made with imported PE.


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