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Toilet seat manufactured in China
Toilet seat manufactured in China
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Toilet seats experience extensive wear and tear. This necessitates the use of a material that can offer durable toilet seats that last for years but which also offer comfort to users.

Toilet seats made from Polypropylene plastic (PP) are ideal for use at homes, office spaces, public restrooms, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial establishments. They look elegant and fit perfectly with the rest of the bathroom fittings.

Typical materials: Polypropylene plastic, resin & rubber

Polypropylene plastic is a very hardy type of plastic that is ideal for heavy usage.

  • They are semi-rigid in consistency, making them ideal to be used for sanitation purposes.
  • They have excellent chemical resistance, ensuring they don’t corrode when harsh disinfectants are used.
  • They have a high load-bearing capacity, not prone to bending or breakage when exposed to weight.
  • They are highly impermeable and can be subjected to complete immersion in liquids for hours without any reaction.

Material composition:

Propylene gas is polymerized using metallocene or Ziegler-Natta catalyst to create Polypropylene. It can be readily colored after production.

Maximum use temperature: Around 82.2°C (180°F)

Tensile strength: Around 33.09 Mpa (4.8 ksi)

Common MOQ: 50-10,000 pcs

Items like toilet seats that are manufactured in large quantities have higher MOQs. While our MOQs are negotiable, we request buyers to choose higher MOQs to take advantage of our bulk buying prices.

Manufacturing Methods(s): Injection molding, vacuum forming, rotational molding

Polypropylene plastic can be molded using three different molding techniques.

  • Polypropylene plastic is heated and injected into specially-designed molds in the shape of toilet lids. This technique allows for high-output production that uses lower labor.
  • Polypropylene plastic can also be vacuumed into the desired design by placing it on the pre-shaped vacuum mold in the absence of heat. This is perfect if you require a production technique with lower start-up costs.
  • Polypropylene plastic has a higher heat distortion temperature, making it perfect for the slower but inexpensive rotational molding technique.

Manufacturing Cluster Areas: Ningbo, Shanghai

Ningbo is a leading manufacturing hub in China’s Zhejiang province. The city is home to multiple economic and technological development zones that offer excellent trade terms to buyers. The Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone has become critical to industries such as plastic, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biotech, amongst others. It is here that some of China’s best plastic manufacturers are located. The Ningbo Free Trade Zone is the largest in the Yangtze River Delta and has an industrial output of RMB 53.33 billion.

Shanghai is Asia’s second-largest free-trade zone in mainland China and boasts of important industrial centers such as Minhang Economic and Technological Development Zone and Jinqiao Export Economic Processing Zone. The city is at the center of global R&D and is an important exporter of plastic & metal products to the world. Buyers can benefit from numerous trade incentives, custom clearances, and duty exemptions here because the zone is not recognized as Chinese territory for tax purposes.

Application: Bathrooms, industrial applications, white goods

Toilets are important home and commercial appliances that are integral to the building’s sanitation system. Toilet seats are key components of toilet systems, which are integral in maintaining hygiene in bathrooms.

A toilet seat separates the user from the toilet bowl, which is coated in thousands of dangerous pathogens. In public restrooms, industrial units, and office spaces, where hundreds of strangers share the same toilet system, toilet seats prevent the mass spread of diseases.

Even in residential use, toilet seats make bathroom usage safer and more physically comfortable by providing a wider base for individuals to be seated on.

Common Issues: Dimensions, surface finish, structural integrity, color

The Chinese manufacturers we partner with follow globally-benchmarked designing and molding practices, and use premium-grade Polypropylene plastic to manufacture toilet seats, reducing the possibility of quality issues.

Quality Control

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine inspection to ensure product conformance with the rest of the batch.
  • Visual inspection to identify aesthetic deviations in terms of color, shape, and size.

Injection Molding

Toilet seats made with PP (Polypropylene)


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