China Sourcing Agent in the US

We help American businesses reduce costs by manufacturing in China.

As part of our factory-to-warehouse services, we will help you identify reliable Chinese manufacturers, review quotations, get your drawings production ready, conduct factory audits and regular quality control inspections, and handle documentation for customs. All this for the right price, quality and lead time.

China Sourcing Agent with a US office
China Sourcing Agent in USA

Karla will help you through the entire process

Karla Ostlund

Located in the Seattle, Washington, Karla and the team will assist you through all stages of your China sourcing project.


Want custom manufacturing?

We’ve got you covered.

Whether you require beer taps, door knobs or diecast housing for street lamps, we will help you custom manufacture these products in China. We specialise in die casting and forging, metal fabrication and plastic injection molding.

Sourcing and manufacturing methods, Sourcing Allies Expertise - Die casting China, Metal Stamping China and Plastic Injection Moulding in China

Assured quality and on-time delivery

Companies selling in the US, UK and EU must ensure that their products meet stringent quality and safety standards. When products live up to these standards, customers stay happy, reducing support and service costs.

Quality Assurance done by China Sourcing Agents
Sourcing Allies Global Sourcing and Manufacturing Expert

Your boots on the ground

As experts in sourcing from China, we will help you find the best Chinese manufacturers and address your quality and price expectations. Our China-based team of American, British and Chinese delivery managers are fluent in Mandarin and have a clear understanding of local customs and culture. They will ensure that your quality specifications and delivery expectations are made clear to the supplier from the start.

SINCE 2006

We’ve perfected our sourcing process

We have helped companies in the US, UK and EU to manufacture in China since 2006.


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